Things I have learnt during quarantine

It has been four months since the world was declared social isolation due to the Covid-19 epidemic, four months of standing still and four months of startling changes. A busy, vibrant country with a life-changing rhythm like Hungary, now suddenly unbelievably silent. Being unable to do many things i had planned, I began to learn to calmly accept what would come to me with the most optimistic mood.

Question and reflex on myself

I don’t want to mention the negative consequences that Covid-19 has brought to our world but it is true when I say this is the good time for human to step back and think about their life. Staying at home for months helped me being awaken with many things in life, learn how to be silent, endure and appreciate. Appreciate my health, respect for material things, wealth, money in danger, cherish the loved ones that stay with me and cherish every drop of opportunity I have. This is probably the most ideal and rare time for us to ask, examine and re-examine ourselves courageously and honestly. The feeling of finding out why you failed or what went wrong then put more effort in to fix it by yourself always brings a more comfortable state than having others do it for us, right? Why don’t we make efforts for that instead of digging, criticizing and judging others? When we are in a state of self-questioning and doubting ourselves, that we need to change and remodel so much that means we have the opportunity to go up, to lift ourselves up, to a better person, to be more completed.

This time helps me to realize the gap between the concepts of self-confidence, self-esteem, self-realization of self-values and stubbornness, conservatism, and arrogance in a sharper and clearer way. If you always let yourself be caught up in the whirlpool of proving yourself, struggle with inferioring to others, whether accidentally or intentionally forever we will always be ambiguous, confusing the difference between these two categories. For the rest of our life, no matter how much we gain, we will not be able to have peace and happiness. This is a long, challenging journey of removing little by little the mantle of yourself you have worn over the years. Take a look at yourself to understand that all the things that make you angry, hated, unhappy or whatever it is with people or anything, all that came from your insecurity.

Understand that in order to have good life you have to start changing to a healthier lifestyle  

Normally, the reason I woke up in the morning was because I had had enough sleep last night, couldn’t sleep any more. Because daily life does not have too much pressure and motivation for me to crawl out of bed before seven, I am often quite reckless in terms of time, routines. Staying up late and waking up late when I have nothing to do the next day or staying up late and waking up early for school and not getting enough sleep been my classic lifestyle for years, just like when you are addicted to alcohol or tobacco, aware of how harmful it is but still difficult to change. I started a healthier lifestyle for a while now and I can actually feel the change and how it affects me in a better way. My sleeping schedule got so much better, not only I feel fresher, being charged up and have more energy, by waking early I have even more time to do more things and be more productive like reading for example. Reading will always just be wasting your time if you cant and dont have the courage to apply what you have read, even the smallest of it. In the past, I always thought that the greatest people were the ones who could do many earth-shattering things, but now growing up I think simpler. The existence of someone itself is already worth cherishing, the value and the greatness are not only the big, shiny external things but above all, it is all in ourselves, in each person, the way they live, the way they treat people, the way they face their storms of life, or even being able to control and have some daily good habits such as eating healthy, training, meditating, getting up early, sleeping early, loving, taking care of and overcoming themselves are already so admirable.

“Update” version of myself to be better each day

I think this is the goal that everyone should have at some points of their life. Become the best version you can be. As time goes on, the more and more the age increases, especially for women, the easier it is to compromise and be temporarily satisfied with some things, even though they really don’t want to. Sometimes, we think we are good enough if we have no other choice and that thing could never be better or worse so just let it be that way, the more we expect the more its easier to be disappointed. People think that way because they always expect things that are not within their control, like requiring that friends always need to treat them so well but they forget that everyone has bad day, asking that our parents to be responsible and understand their feelings, demanding remuneration, a raise, recognition of the efforts they gave, dedication to boyfriend/girlfriend , always be pampering, caring, romantic gifts, requiring that the life partner always be loyal , responsible, earn a lot of money, support the family, ask the children to be obedient and study well…. Actually, these aspirations and demands are not wrong, somehow, they are even legitimate, but instead of clinging to the things that you cant resist, lets spend time putting your energy and effort to lift yourself up, refresh, change and get educated. Sometimes, the courage of a person does not base on what the greatest things one has completed in life, but based on the ability to control, endure and control their own emotions. Constantly cultivating, learning not only about knowledge, skills, expertise, inner contents that make them interesting, but above all, its also in the spirit of the warrior, always moving towards, not being afraid of loneliness, not afraid to be judged, not be afraid to set their own limits and standards, adhere to it with compassion, tolerance and empathy.

Deep thinking about every choice of my life

After all, everything you do is a choice, sometimes you make a smart choice, sometime you don’t and you just gotta learn not to make that bad choice again and cant blame on luck is not for you. I think more seriously about what my future career would be, what and how I am going to do for completing my to do list, everything I the aspiration I want to make before I turn 30 lol, every place I want to go to before marriage or contemplate about happiness, how to love someone, for example.

Being more grateful and empathetic

For 2 months, the whole world suddenly stopped because Covid-19 made us more aware of the importance of health more than ever before. The health greetings we get every time the New Year comes, it turns out to be really important! Especially in the moments of life and death, when having all the money, power is not the way to solve this problem. The time i spent at home resting and chilling, studying and working online for a few hours a day, then back to cooking, cleaning makes me realize that moments of peace and joy always exist right in your own soul. I am grateful for the failures and mistakes that I have made in the past, I am grateful to those who have once encouraged, given me a ray of faith and hope in myself.

Yoga is therapy

Yoga is an active lifestyle of Indians that becomes so popular in the whole world. Unlike cardio or any other training, Yoga is simply a way of breathing a gentle gift of life and of course, gifts only for those who really try and persevere. I used to really dislike yoga because it made me sleepy and I thought it is too slow and boring for. Turn out I have been doing yoga in a wrong way. You need to be totally relaxed when doing yoga and refresh your mind, its not the time for thinking about anything rather than yoga when youre doing it, just focus on how youre breathing. Focusing on the exercises will help you lose your negativity or stress, boost your spirits and relax. If you practice Yoga for a long time, you will realize that you are calmer, more persistent, easily identify the difficult problems in life and find the most effective way to solve (that’s what my mom said, shes been doing yoga for years, im still a beginner so I am not at that level as her yet, I just think yoga is chill and is a really good way to relax your body and your soul at the same time. Doing yoga together with my mom also helps us bonding more)

There are more and more thing that I have learnt and realized during this time but these are the main thing I think worth mentioning.

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