I’m not much for resolutions. I don’t really get them. For me, it’s like the Gym Thing. You know, the beginning of the year, when everyone has signed up for a gym membership because they eat generously during the holidays, and the whole New Year, New Me is still in the air. By the time Spring rolls around, there are half of the signees at the gym, and the cycle starts again a year later.

All of that to say that I feel like resolutions are much like that. Started with the best intentions, forgotten by the middle of the year.

I don’t want to sound cliché, but 2019 is THAT year. Or at least I feel it now, and I’m going to ride that atmospheric feeling of being able to start fresh LOL


• Continue dropping books that are terrible and that drag me weeks to read.

• Read all of the diverse books, and recommend them.


• Get back into writing.

• Review when the urge is at its highest.

• Review twice a month, at least.

• Start posting whatever content you want regardless of “theme”


• Hang out with family & friends more

which I already do

• Go out to places. Alone, if others can’t go with me.

• Travel – even if it’s in the city.

• Go to a book festival I hope if there is any in my city or any cities nearby


• Get a part-time job I actually love.

• Live easier, calmer, happier.

• Stop getting hung up and the lows.

• Live with the cliches.

Thank you for making your time here and see you around 🦋✨

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