My bucket list

What is a bucket list? Before the age of 18 I had no idea what a bucket list is and what is it used for? Well, basically, bucket list contains all the goals that people want to achieve, dreams that people want to fulfill or activities that they want to experience at least one time in their entire life.

Why do we create a bucket list? I started creating a bucket list when I was 18 but the contents were not very well expressed, dismally. Nonetheless, three years ago when I started to work part time and make money from my own in order to no need to ask money from my family when I need something and it was quite damn hard at the beginning and I realized making money isn’t that simple, I also (heartbreakingly) realized that I need something to remind me not to mess my life up or spend most of my time catching up in a flurry of day-to-day activities. As a result, an efficient bucket list came out. Bucket list isn’t only a tool to remind me to stop taking everything for granted, but it also demonstrates those accomplishments that I have been achieving in the past 3-6-9 months and what my upcoming goals for the next 3-6-9 months are. To be more precise, I am now in a committed relationship with bucket list lol.

The main objective of creating bucket list isn’t to instill some kind of a race against time or to create aversion toward death. It visualizes the fact that it doesn’t make any sense to limit our existence within our physical years on earth, even there is a fact that lifespan is short and we cannot know what will happen in future. Hence, why don’t we maximize every single moment of our existence and live our life the fullest? Does it make any sense to you

So hereby I want to show you my never-ending work in progress. It will be continuously altered, updated, contemplated and rejuvenated. Before you even ask: YES- I know my bucket list is huge and YES- I do think most of the ideas in my list are crazy and YES- I truly believe that I can complete everything on it before I die (jk but i hope). The bucket list has completely changed my life (in a positive way) and hopefully, it will do the same to those who has it.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and see you in my next one and now let’s take a look at my bucket list. 🖤


• Go sky-diving (indoor / outdoor)

• Catch a wave surfing

• Scuba Dive

• Experience weightlessness


• See the Northern Lights (Norway, Iceland, Finland or Scotland)

• See the Grand Canyon (USA)

• Swim with dolphins / sea turtles

• Explore a cave ✅

• Bathe elephants

• Feed a bear ✅

• Hold a monkey/ snake ✅

• Make a snowman ✅

• Walk on a black sand beach ✅

• Ride a camel ✅


• Have a meaningful conversation with strangers✅

• Attend a same-sex wedding

• Meet a fashion blogger in real life✅

• Surprise someone ✅

• Write a love note with lipsticks on bathroom mirror ✅

• Make surprised present for parents ✅


Be published

• Create a piece of art and sell it

Design a personal website: ✅ 

• Paint the whole bedroom’s wall ✅

• Take pictures in a photo booth ✅

• Write a song ✅

• Write a poem ✅


• Attend a music festival (Tomorrow Land; Psy-Fi; ADE; …) ✅

• Attend a masquerade

• Be a game show contestant

• Be in a commercial

• Attend a Gay Pride event

• Create a video and upload to Youtube (personal life; international students’ life; etc …) ✅

• Get VIP passes to a show ✅

• Go on a cruise ✅

• Perform a magic trick

• See a TED Talk live

• Throw a themed party


• Dress in super sexy lingerie ✅

• Dye my hair with bright colour ✅

• Get a makeup lesson ✅

• Get a spray tan ✅

• Get a professional body massage ✅


• Flip a house (before the age of 30)

• Have a positive net worth

• Play the stock market


• Have dinner in Michelin Star restaurant:✅

• Bake a cake for someone special ✅

• Make a dish from different culture ✅

• Make a professional dish under the guidance of *middle celebrity* chef

• Make ice-cream ✅

• Recreate a childhood recipe ✅

• Make a Hungarian traditional meal for parents ✅


• Google search my name and have at least 1 page of stuff show up😂)

• Send a message in a bottle ( too cheesy i don’t think I will do it but lol)

• Smoke a fine cigar ✅

• Being naked in a beach✅


• Get a bachelor degree

• Earn a driven license ✅

• Pass C1 English Language exam ✅

• Get an internship in start-up company

• Get a fixed-term working contract

• Feed homeless person ✅

• Give blood ✅

• Help someone with a check on their bucket list ✅

• Learn to play piano ✅

• Say “Hello” or “Thank you” in 20 languages ✅ and also forgot them

• List 10 things I am grateful for each day ✅

• Plant a tree ✅

• Adopt a dog ✅ (babysit a cute french bulldog for a month )

• Write a book about my life ✅ (not book but diary )


• Do a belly dance ✅

• Go to a yoga retreat and try to make it as one of the daily habits ✅ and it lasted 3 months 🙂

• Shoot a machine gun ✅

• Stand up paddle board

• Take a self- defence class


United Kingdom ✅ (London )

France ✅ (Paris, Nice)

United States

The Netherlands ✅ ( Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leeuwarden, Eindhoven)

Italy ✅ (Pisa, Milan, Florence, Rome, Riomaggiore, Venice. I will always have my heart for Italy, obviously I will come to more places in Italy like Naples, Almafi Coast,…)

• Spain (will be done this summer)

• Portugal ✅

• Greece ✅ (Santorini, Athens. Only Mykonos is missing )

• Germany ✅ ( Berlin)

• Denmark ✅ (Copenhagen)

• Czech Republic ✅ ( I was there for 3 days but did not do something much because it was raining and would like to come back sometime )

• Austria ✅ ( Vienna, Hallstatt is still on the list )

• Switzerland

• Norway

• China

• Finland

• Korea

• Japan

• Indonesia✅

Basically everywhere in the world 😂

It will take really loooong time to name all the countries that I want to visit so I’m just gonna stop here.


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