I love going to different cafes. I love checking out new ones and I love the vibe of every single one of them. I have a favourite café for sunny days, rainy days, or quick meals.

Although I love being in a good café more than anything, I am not that brave yet to go to one on my own ( actually I’m broke )

Let’s have a coffee and I’d mention that I used to do a lot more walking meditation. I enjoy taking a deep breath and fully experiencing my walk ( like go hiking on Sunday was my routine when I didn’t find a job for weekend ). Thinking about the feel of my feet hitting the ground, taking in my surroundings. It’s very relaxing, you should try it.

I would definitely talk about shark week. It’s been really good so far this year, lots of hammerhead sharks. I watch it obsessively every year (who knows why)!

Today was the first day I brought a friend to my favorite café. We spent like half of day there to study and chitchat. I rarely show people this place because this is a place I usually go to study and have a chill day alone on my day off or weekend if I’m not working. Not many of my friends enjoy studying in a coffee shop ( or IDK), so today I found there is a girl who has the same interests with me, that’s why I showed her this place and she also falls in love with it. Btw My Little Melbourne Coffee is such a cool place. They have fine coffees and friendly service, you know like Aussie vibes always say “Cosy home away from home”. It’s located in a very convenient place in Budapest central. The only minus point for this place is sometimes the wifi doesn’t work. 

And if we were having coffee I would ask how your day is going. Or, I would ask you to tell me one thing that you’ve been feeling really positive about lately.

Sugar always stays the same.

Now life is so complicated. Now they ask me do I want a latte or macchiato. Almond milk or soy milk. Hot. Cold. Frappuccino? There is always the classic cheaper option at Starbucks, the house blend black, no sugar or creamer. It costs less and it’s a great option for the struggling people. Then Starbucks goes and throws a curveball at me. They offer me a selection of fall and holiday drinks. My favorites are the chestnut praline latte and the gingerbread latte.

The way that I justify spending six dollars on a cup of coffee is if my production that day is greater than the price. My production has been great lately so I can relish in this thought the output outweighs the price of consumption.

I don’t spend six dollars on a cup of coffee every day, but I do drink coffee daily. I usually have options in my refrigerator like cans of a double shot of Starbucks espresso, or the automatic coffee machine in my university.

I don’t know if my love for coffee is good or bad. But in my life, coffee is life.

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