Little things that make me happy 

Memories of the good things you ate in your childhood (yes that boy was me)

The taste of cake batter

Waking up early and having breakfast outside together Reading a fine book

English style breakfasts and dinners in a riverside dining room

Your first time in a foreign country

Starbucks caramel macchiato


Jazz and classic music

Unplanned things

Vietnamese cuisine( 📍Sao restaurant in Budapest )

An inherited book collection

Finding a pretty spot to sit then read my favorite book and drink coffee (📍My little Melbourne coffee in Budapest aka my fav place)

Talk ( aka rave)

Road trip

Friendly waiters ( aka me )

Listening people talking about their passions aka dreams

Lush bathbomb/ Morning bath 

Listening more than talking ( I’m a listener tho)

British accent ( omg I’d die for it, so attractive accent)

And more and more another little things

Ps : book recommendations: “14000 little things to  be happy about” is such a nice book and I think everyone should read it, it a list of little things that make people happy. Reading it made me feel better and I can relate to every single things that are mentioned in that book. Unfortunately the last book of it was sold to one of my lucky friend. Usually you can get it in Bestsellers bookstore but this book is a fking nice book so yea. Some people were just too fast. I’m a nice loser tho. 

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