📍 Brussels, Belgium

( First ‘solo trip”s destination)

I used to be someone who preferred to spend time alone. I loved falling in my own dream and train of thoughts. I would rather spend time looking for an interesting story of a character or a random person on Google than talk with someone.
But somehow I’ve become less hesitated to start a conversation with people, even to those I’ve never met before. I thought I wouldn’t like it but surprisingly, there is something exquisite about the feeling hidden deep within myself. I enjoy listening to their stories and watching their movements, especially, the brightness of their smiles. I see the glow and beauty of people around me and I feel appreciated. Little by little, I start to get into it. I try to get out of my own comfort zone when it comes to socializing with others.

But I somewhat miss the silence. I want to overthink and let my emotion explode into pieces. Wiping away the tears, hands are ready to write down the stories of my life. Tears could bring away the sadness but I choose to hide it under thousands of words. My imagination of a completely different world is brought into reality whenever I am by myself. The world around me changes as I decide where I want to be and who to be with. It’s like a miraculous chaos in which I don’t have to sort out anything or anyone but it blends well together. I miss feeling awarded after I finish a piece of art or writing. I miss reading my thoughts and my dream to be aware that those stories are much more captivating than what I’ve experienced.

But without people, I don’t think I would have laughed so loudly and enjoyed life to the fullest. Without them, I could have missed so many adventures. Without them, there wouldn’t be enough gloss in my stories, or I would not have had the power to let the creativity come to life. Without them, I would not have discovered my personalities and understood myself better.

So the preferences for either silence or noise, for yourself or others, have never been the same but situational. We should know how we would want to create our paths.

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